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Welcome to my blog! I'm Kayla. I am a newbie wife, reluctant artist, spontaneous writer, novice hunter, obsessive nester, intermittent crafter, fairweather reader, chatty introvert, and the list goes on. I am a little crunchy, and a little conventional. Driven by practicality, and captivated by aesthetic. I am a desk jockey by day, but homemaker at heart. I've never quite fit into any one label, and don't plan to start any time soon!

This is where all my homemaking blog posts reside. The carousel features the 3 latest or featured/popular posts, manually selected by publishing a gallery post with the url to the given blog post. Next to that is short links to the feature posts using tag: "home-featured". The summary wall below is all other posts in the "home" category, signified by that category, and using tag "home". A given post may be tagged as "home" and "home-featured" if it is featured and older than the first three posts in the summary wall. If it is within the first three posts in the summary wall, it should be tagged only as "home-featured", but not "home". Ultimately, the 6 photos surrounding the gallery carousel should all be different. The gallery carousel can include up to 6 of these, but only if featured and important.